Fix or Sell

Many sellers ask themselves this question when they’re preparing to sell their homes and the answers can be confusing. For convenience sake many sellers simply put their homes up for sale with little to no thought about how to enhance the sales price. Of course, it helps when you have a real estate consultant, not just an agent, to help you with these decisions.

A qualified real estate consultant can show you how to increase the sales price of your home many times over with very little costs when compared to the return you will receive on your sales price. One of the first things a seller can do is to paint the home. Usually a brick veneer home has little hardwoods or hardy board to cover, unlike a frame house. The return on investment can be in the thousands of dollars if the right color is chosen. Once again, this requires a professional consultation with a real estate pro. The wrong color can not only cost you money for the paint and labor but can actually decrease the value of the home, so make sure you do it right!

Small repairs such as a cracked window or two, minor dry wall repairs and cracked tile can be huge when buyers are surveying your home. These are just some of the obvious eyesores that can decrease your homes appeal and value.

A qualified professional will encourage you, and help you with a walk around your home with a critical eye pointing our those “honey do” areas that you had been meaning to get to but never made the time for. Well, now is the time!


Moisture leakage, rickety stairs and outdated flowered wall paper has to go! As noted earlier, painting can be huge but it can also exceed your budget. If the budget is limited at least consider painting the front door and possibly the trim areas and especially pay close attention to any rotted areas that need replacing.

What about the big stuff like kitchens, bathrooms or somewhere else just begging to be transformed? I know you have noticed the real estate ads that always advertise the newly remodeled bath or kitchen. Please, please proceed with caution! What you might think is a beautiful thing could be a major turnoff to a potential buyer. There is nothing worse than pouring hard earned dollars into a remodeled bath or kitchen that buyers will not like or even worse, they want to negotiate your asking price down because they want to rip out and redo what you thought was a good idea.

Of courses there are many, many other ideas and things that are important to cover here that cannot be included in a short blog. Once again, however, you can avoid costly mistakes by simply contacting a truly trained and professional real estate agent groomed in this

In conclusion, paying more money just to get money out of your home may be the last thing you were thinking about or have the dollars to complete. However, it usually takes a small yet smart investment to maximize your return.


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