It seems everyone has leased a place at least once in their lifetime or if not this is your first time. We all know there are some negatives when it comes to leasing but it can serve a great purpose for you for a season. In most cases, your goal is home ownership. So if you are deciding between leasing or home ownership, we can do a comparison for you. However, if leasing is what you need in your life right now or you just like to lease, whatever the reason, you found the right place. We will put into action the steps necessary to get you into a lease that fits your needs.

Just like when people are ready to buy a home they just want to jump right into it without proper direction and start looking. This will not work, especially in the market we are in.   Homes here are leased very fast and sometimes with multiple applications for the owner to choose from.   That being understood, what would make the most sense is to have the best application possible and have it ready to be presented at a moment’s notice once you find the right property.

The importance of having a lessee consultation meeting cannot be understated. The preparation we will do will put you ahead of most applicants looking at the same home or apartment you are. Most people looking to lease only think about the application itself.   The key to submitting a solid application is the supporting documents. Some are required, but some we discuss are not required and will serve as an asset to you. In addition to those supporting documents we emphasize why you are the best choice. Be prepared to discuss the two big aspects of residential leasing that being credit and pets. These two areas can be what qualifies or disqualifies you. We will review all these areas and more so you have a complete understanding of the process and what is needed.

There can be a number of places to lease that are not accessible via the Multi Listing Service (MLS).   We call them For Rent By Owner (FRBO).   These are no different than its more famous cousin, For Sale By Owner (FSBO).   We would simply call them to get the information and see about setting up an appointment to view the property.   Many apartment complexes are like this.   They have a leasing agency or management office that handles all there leasing. We can still help you with these types of apartments in most cases.


(Non-Lifestyle Complex)

When you hear the word apartment, you may envision a tiny New York apartment. That can be true, but there are all different types of apartments and in all sizes. Figuring out what kind you want will be the first step. Are you looking for that downtown studio apartment that is close to work or just need a small place in an apartment building in the suburbs?  These are usually less likely to do any lease term less than one year.   Depending on where it is located they can be managed by the owner themselves or a management company.


(Lifestyle Complex)

These are very popular in the suburbs of DFW.   The lifestyle apartment complex is just that, a lifestyle for its residence. Many are considered luxury apartments although some are not. This fits a wide variety of people looking to lease. They have it all from swimming pools to fitness centers and clubhouses to coffee shops. They are generally very large complexes and are nicely laid out.   There will be much more versatility here from allowing pets to shorter term leases available.   In addition, they will have more options and availability when it comes to bedroom count and sizes of apartments.   With all these options and flexibility also comes a higher lease price. There is a facility director on site for all of these complexes.



This would be considered the opposite of the apartment leasing. Single home leasing can be any type of home that is not considered an apartment. These include; townhomes, condos, half duplexes and, of course, the single family detached homes. These are usually individually owned and no way connected to any neighboring home. If you are looking for this type of home to lease be prepared to have competition in this market. These leases are usually a minimum of 12 months and can be more stringent on approval.



A wide variety of leasing comes into play when we talk about commercial leasing. This type is leased by the square footage or flat amount, which most will calculate by square footage for comparison purposes. The price goes up or down depending on how the lease is structured and where it is located. This could be medical, retail, restaurant, office, etc. We handle a wide variety of leasing in this category.



Remember when you hire a REALTOR® to represent you to lease a home or commercial property, we are able to show you any and all homes or properties. There are a lot of competent real estate agents out there to serve you. If you have one in mind already, great. But if you think you want to consider one more, please get in contact with me.