One of my favorite motivators, speakers and authors was the late Zig Ziglar. One of his famous quotes always reminds me of “why” all of us realtors should be thankful to be in the Real Estate Business. Zig always said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want”.  Read more at:

When we fractionate what Zig was saying here it means that serving others will always meet our needs. As realtors, we need not worry about “the sale” anymore. Instead we practice the art of listening to what our clients want, digging deep into their hopes, goals, dreams and desires to find that special place for them to live and to thrive or find that special buyer by creating their “love at first sight” moment for their special home.

Think about it. Many times we are directly involved in a client’s largest most single investment where they will live their lives, create memories in their new neighborhoods and raise their children. This isn’t a job for someone worried about a commission or someone who is tired of showing the same home over and over again.

You know the types of realtors I am talking about. In spite of your six figure income and steady job tenure and position they still want a loan pre approval from you before you can see that home you just spotted on your weekend off. They like to tell you what you need instead of listening to what you want. They never find out that you are trying to decide if you want an extra room for your aging mother or what your budget really requires instead of what you qualify for.

In short, we don’t worry about ourselves. Our focus is completely on the client. We do this by guiding them to the tried and trusted contractors, plumbers, electricians, insurance agents and loan officers. We then allow those professionals to do their jobs without interference. We don’t look to shortchange our clients so we can save a few dollars at closing. We know that doing this is not only wrong but that it is risking the futures of not just our clients, but potentially lifelong friends we hope to always serve if and when it’s time for them to create new memories somewhere else. We are not Real Estate Agents. We are Relationship Agents!


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