The middle aged couple has decided to relocate from Pennsylvania to the Dallas Ft. Worth metroplex. Dad has just received orders from State Farm that he will be moving into the new mega complex in Collin County, Richardson Texas. The family is excited but many decisions must be made quickly. Decisions like “where are the best schools” and how accessible are the various resources like senior centers, public transportation and parks for the children.

The couple currently live by a beautiful lake, have two young elementary school children and a new high schooler. So, being next to or close to water is very important. What are the most popular lakes in the area and how far away will we be? They have heard about the wonderful public school system in the North Texas area and would like to know more about which ones stand out the

The family has had a new guest over the past year. Mother’s dad passed away and her Dad is now living with them. They don’t know yet if they want a place with room for him or if they want to be near a quality senior care facility?  Collin_county_map

Currently they only own one vehicle as they have been privy to a wonderful transit and public transportation system where they now live. How efficient and available are these same systems in North Texas? Will they be close to their new home or will another vehicle be best for them?
What this couple really needs right now is a REALTOR® that is also a Certified Relocation Specialist CRP. What is a CRP certification? Being awarded the Certified Relocation professional (CRP®) designation is a highly regarded recognition. It acknowledges that one has achieved extensive and useful knowledge in every aspect of US domestic employee relocation.

Since 1990 when Worldwide ERC® first launched the CRP® certification, the program has grown to stand for the professionalism of those who have mastered the process and the art of successful relocation. It has become a premiere “badge of accomplishment” that is recognized throughout many industries. Individuals from real estate, lending, insurance, relocation services, and transportation have all qualified for this sought-after recognition. They dedicate themselves to the successful transfer of employees, and consistently seek to improve their knowledge through continuing education.CRP_certification

The CRP® exam measures an individual’s knowledge on a range of issues: family relocation; tax and legal matters; corporate relocation policies; appraisal methods for real estate; real estate marketing – among others. Many companies relocating their employees demand nothing less than a CRP® to administer the needs of their company and to return their transferees to full productivity as quickly as possible.

The CRP® certification requires dedicated study and wide experience in relocating employees across the nation. In 2013 alone, only 218 people achieved CRP® status. [1] Furthermore, the designation requires a re-certification every three years. The CRP® program aims to raise the professional standards of those involved in relocating employees and to encourage on-going professional development.