When you think of relocation, most of you will think job transfer. This corporate relocation is where a package to relocate is usually part of your benefits as an employee of that corporation. This is very common in today’s ever changing & global economy. Whether it is a move to another state or maybe another country. There is also just relocating in general or non-corporate relocation. This is generally moving to or from distant cities or states, not just moving to the other side of town. This can be for any reason like retirement, moving in with family, change of scenery, or just because.  It can also be because of your job, but it would not be connected to any benefits offered by your company. Both are pretty time consuming and very stressful.



Working with relocating clients is a daily occurrence in this area, but corporate relocation is our specialty. There are many new headquarters and large corporate campuses in DFW or coming to DFW like State Farm, FedEx, Liberty Mutual, & Toyota. The relocation companies that have been employed by these corporations look to us, the real estate agent, to be a specialist in this area and have skills that will benefit their relocating employee. They are not going to have just any real estate agent work with their employees, they want the best! It is true that more people are moving here than moving away, but we work with relocating sellers as well as buyers. Having successfully helped many relocating clients to DFW and certainly to other parts of the US and the World with such relocation companies like Cartus, Altair Global, & SIRVA. These companies know the value of a good REALTOR®. Again, wanting the best for their clients, most will look for the REALTOR® to have the Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) designation.   The stats are low for real estate agents who have earned this designation, that being less than 1% of them. This makes for a pretty elite class of REALTOR®.   Having earned the CRP myself and being a member of the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (Worldwide ERC) I am a trusted source to them and for the clients. They require a very detailed real estate agent as there is a lot of extra duties we must perform. We encourage you to reach out to us at the beginning of the potential relocation as we feel this will reduce the amount of stress and allow more time for planning.



Having a trusted real estate agent with this type of relocation will have many benefits. Even though this is not a corporate relocation the process is similar and at the same time harder. There isn’t anyone directing you or making the process smoother by employing companies to aid in the move. Whether you are relocating to Texas or you are relocating out of state, we can help. Having the proper plan in place and being proactive in the process will be to your advantage. This is more than your typical buy or sell, there is a lot more involved. If you are selling a home in another state and relocating to the DFW area, we can refer an agent to you and work with them to make the move here smoother. Conversely, If you relocating out of the DFW area and buying a home in another state, we can refer an agent to you in that area to make the move there smoother. As with the corporate relocation we encourage you to reach out to us at the beginning of the potential relocation as we feel this will reduce the amount of stress and allow more time for planning.



Remember when you hire a REALTOR® to represent you in relocation, it is best to hire a Certified Relocation Specialist (CRP). There are a lot of competent real estate agents out there to serve you. If you have one in mind already, great. But if you think you want to consider one more, please get in contact with me.